Panasonic and Samsung PBX

Panasonic and Samsung PBX

We have been installing and maintaining Panasonic telephones system for over 15 years. Reliable, cost effective, simple to use, and ideal for any company from  2 to 250 users. Your business will be backed by Panasonic’s reputation for quality technology and great functionality. Combine this with our outstanding engineering services and you have a winning package sure to drive your business forward.

Analogue, Digital and IP Phone compatible
2-250 Users
PSTN and ISDN Compatible
SIP Compatible
Remote programming Enabled

System Maintenance

We offer a range of support contracts along with single call out options to ensure your telephone system is back up and running as soon as it should be. Please see our maintenance and faults sections for more information and to arrange a call out for your system. 


Panasonic and Samsung offer a range of handset to cover every business sector and budget. From the standard phone offering 8 one touch buttons to the full touch screen IP and SIP phones that allow cost effective local and remote workings. Conference units for the meeting room, and enhanced full office DECT (cordless) solutions with automatic hand off to the best signal. All phones have programmable keys allowing you to easily see the status of other people  and transfer calls with the single touch of a button. Speed dials and additional features can be programmed for quick access, and to avoid the repetition of dialing frequently used numbers. The incorporated speakerphone allows for easy hands free use, and the dedicated headset port makes it simple to connect both wireless and corded headsets. A fully integrated DECT (Cordless) system give the option to allow freedom to move about your business and handle call where ever you are.