Hosted Systems

Hosted Telephony

reduced capital outlay

Phones are supplied and charged for on a per user basis, meaning your company can expand and contract to react to current business conditions without having to invest or waste large amounts of capital in order to do so.

Assured Connectivity

Connections are monitored 24/7 to check for any issues, and call quality is guaranteed when purchased in line with our assured connectivity.

flexible Working

Employees can work from home, the office, or anywhere with an internet connection using a PC or Mac based softphone or physical desk phone.

Easy Management

Secure Web Portal access means your system can easily be managed from anywhere. Phones and outgoing messages can be uploaded remotely and disaster recovery is built in to every system.

Choose the perfect plan

With flexible services for any size business


Per User License​


Per User License​


Per User License​

Frequently asked questions

A hosted system requires no physical telephone system to be installed on site. Telephones connect through a data connection to the internet and then to a hosted or ‘cloud’ system. The system can be scaled to cater for every business need. Each phone requires a license in order to make and receive calls.

The system is run over an assured data circuit which is monitored remotely to ensure your phones are always working. Automatic Disaster Recovery and fail-over locations ensure your business remains connected even if your office goes offline.

Yes, provided the network the phones are attached to allows the data communication in and out to the phone. Our technical team can assist with configuration should it be required.

Call reporting is built into the system down to an individual user level. Additional call reporting packages are available for call centers, or where call statistics are required. Reports can be scheduled to run and emailed accordingly.

Your phones will be installed by our engineers who will check your network meets the requirements in order to ensure quality of service and reliability for your telephone calls.

We would be delighted to demonstrate the telephones and administration portal to you so you can get a better feel of how the phones could enhance the communications within your business. Please Contact Us for more information and to arrange a free, no obligation demonstration online or in house demonstration.